How winterizing your motorcycle insurance helps you control your bills

It’s officially that time of the year again.

How winterizing your motorcycle insurance helps you control your bills

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Ron Khirman

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It’s officially that time of the year again. As the leaves turn brown and everything tastes like pumpkin, what does this mean for us riders? It’s time to winterize our bikes. 

Why Winterize your motorcycle insurance?

We give our bikes the proper oil change (if you need a retouch, there is our guide on how to change your motorcycle oil), we give it a good wash, cover the mufflers, take out the battery, cover, and finally store it until it’s time to ride again (we also have a guide for this!). 

We winterize our bikes but do you winterize your motorcycle insurance as well? 

Winter means less road time for cold-state riders, and their motorcycle usually sits in the garage. The two most common responses we received when asking cold state riders about their common insurance winter resolution were: keep it (and pay for the whole year) or cancel it (and not be covered). But is there a better option fitted for seasonal riders? 

When we asked cold state riders why they pay a fixed price for the entire year when they don't ride their bikes during the winter months, the most common answers were: “I just figure that it's the way it is.” “I'll call my insurance agent and cancel my insurance for the winter.” “I'm paying nine months of insurance for twelve months, I know, but I don’t know otherwise”.

But what if we’ve told you there is a third way that is better suited for the winter time? A way to have an affordable motorcycle insurance during winter? 

Winterize your motorcycle insurance and save

For those who winterize their bikes, who are the majority of those who ride 2,000 miles or less per year, there is a hassle-free, not calling up the insurance agent way of winterizing your insurance, without the need of canceling the insurance, and keeping the bike covered. 

With VOOM Insurance, the first ever pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance, you pay only as you ride. For seasonal and low mileage riders, this means they can be covered even when they do not ride a single mile during the winter.  VOOM riders could pay a low fixed monthly fee and still keep their bikes covered.  With no tracking or hardware required, riders can save up to 60% with VOOM.  It's time to winterize your bike and your motorcycle insurance.

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