How to Store Your Motorcycle for the Winter

It’s time to start thinking about storing your motorcycle for the winter months. There are a few things you need to do to keep your bike in tip-top condition until spring rolls around.

Oil Change: This is a no-brainer, make sure you get your oil changed. It’s a good rule of thumb to plan to get it done after your last ride. Storing your bike without oil is never a good idea, you can damage the engine with condensation build-up, causing corrosion.

Wash your bike: make sure to get all the dirt and grime off. This will help protect your bike’s finish over the next few months. Trust me on this one!

Gas Soluble Oil in the Tank: Put a small amount in, remove the tank and bring it inside so that it doesn't rust.

Storage: Drive or take your bike to where you will be storing it. A dry warm storage unit, garage, or shed works the best. If you will be storing it outside, make sure you invest in a well-made motorcycle cover.

Cover the Mufflers: After your bike has cooled down you will want to cover the mufflers. You can use motorcycle exhaust plugs or a plastic bag and rubber band. Either way, this prevents unwanted critters from making a home in your mufflers.

Battery and Charging: Now it’s time to remove the battery and connect it to a trickle charger. If you need a refresher or have never removed a battery before, check your owner’s manual or even better watch a how-to video, there are lots to choose from on YouTube. 

Bike Cover: Whether you choose to store your motorcycle inside or outside you will need a motorcycle cover as extra protection from the elements. If you are keeping your bike outside invest in a high-quality Motorcycle cover, there are on the market to choose from, you will be glad you did.

Your Bike is ready for the winter months, congratulations!

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