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Sean Finely

The VOOM Insurance cost for my bike was about 50% less than my current insurance provider, so I purchased the VOOM Insurance policy for that bike. Because I ride this bike relatively low mileage, the pay-per-mile option is great

Tyler Mccollough

I went from paying $250-$300 a month for the GSXR to now paying $46 a month on full coverage insurance. They have helped me save money tremendously, especially as a younger rider who owns a race bike.

Kevin Marquis

Was cheap, easy and fast. Had insurance within 20 minutes and was back on the road. Will see how the monthly billing goes but I can see a great future with VOOM!

Ahmad Khaled

My experience with VOOM is the first ever with Pay-per-mile insurance and I am very happy with the way it works and how responsive they are to any problem that arises. Really happy with the service and care they put.

Norm Walker

So easy to work with. Prices are crazy cheap. Hoping to add a second motorcycle soon, and will be using VOOM for that too.

Dale Shipley

My first thought was to tell everyone I know about this. I rode for over 40 yrs and don't get on my bike very much lately. I have no doubt this type of insurance will be picked up by millions. With the cost of everything going up, this is just what we needed.

Marco Sepulveda

I don't ride much so I am saving significantly by switching to VOOM. Overall happy with the service so far!

Jeffrey Chisholm

VOOM’s Pay Per Mile is perfect for a low-mileage rider like myself! I have peace of mind that I’m not paying too much for insurance.

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