VOOM’s 2022 Guide for Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Heres our 4 steps to do before you shop!

VOOM’s 2022 Guide for Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Written by

Kellie Herber

Published on

September 22, 2021

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There have been advancements in motorcycle helmets over the years, from the basic round astronaut-looking helmets to the helmet I wore back in the day. Big bulky black helmets that had microphones you added that connected to the radio intercom. On a good ride, you could hear your passenger, add wind or traffic and you felt like you were hearing flight updates in an airport. Today motorcycle helmets look and sound quite different.

What’s in a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet?

Bluetooth devices have been available to bikers for years. Devices that need to be attached to your helmet then you would run wires and speakers inside to have music, a GPS, and an intercom, not a simple task by any means. So why not take a helmet with a lightweight, sleek design and Bluetooth technology and combine them? Well, that’s exactly what happened.

The Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is available in several styles, sizes, colors, and for riders of every age. For off-roading, cruising and adventure there are full faceguard and half helmet options. Some Bluetooth helmets offer voice commands to answer incoming calls handsfree, which for the biker is a huge bonus. There are also smart motorcycle helmets that even offer noise control systems, video cameras, and app connect ability. 

Most Bluetooth helmets offer safety features such as durability, ventilation, anti-fog, and sun visors, half mile-to-mile call answering, turn by turn GPS, one-touch or voice-controlled functions, up to 24 hours talk time in a charge, long battery life and most connect to an FM station. You can still choose a stylish trendier helmet, rugged, or a more classic look. Finding the right size is imperative for not only safety but for experiencing the best sound quality.

Any downsides of a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet?

The cons to using a Bluetooth helmet are poor sound from speakers, range, battery life, dropped calls due to connectivity, technical problems, and the initial expense of the helmet. These helmets can be pricey and like anything else, you get what you pay for. Most cost around $150 to $350, but there are some that can cost upwards of $700 or more.

4 steps prior to purchasing your helmet

Before you decide to invest in a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet make sure you.

  • Research 
  • Budget accordingly
  • Consider a full-face shield, better protection, and Bluetooth sound
  • Check reviews
  • Choose one that is comfortable
  • Make sure its DOT certified (Division of Transportation)

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a great option and investment for anyone who wants to add the newest technology to their rides. The popularity of the helmets will trend into 2022 and will feature new upgrades with more bells and whistles. Beyond Bluetooth technology, wearing an excellent quality helmet provides an extra safety feature and that is a no-brainer, as is having cheap motorcycle insurance! Why not check out VOOM Pay-Per-Mile insurance today.

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