6 steps to switching your motorcycle insurance company

Thinking of switching insurance policies?

6 steps to switching your motorcycle insurance company

Written by

Kellie Herber

Published on

September 22, 2021

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Is it time to switch your motorcycle Insurance? One sure way of knowing that you need to start looking for a new motorcycle insurance provider is that you are unhappy with your current policy. Chances are you have been with the same company for years and you decided to start looking when you heard that there are cheaper motorcycle insurance companies out there. The good news is there are more options available to motorcyclists today than ever before. New insurance companies like VOOM Pay-Per-Mile have raised the bar with tailormade coverage and competitive rates. Which means it’s the perfect time to start looking.

But where do you begin? Finding new insurance can seem daunting and time-consuming. To help you out we provided a “how to”  list just follow the steps below and you will be back on the open road in no time at all.

1. Check your current policy

Hopefully, you have a copy of your current insurance with you. If you don’t have a recent copy you can call your provider and ask them to either email or mail you a copy. Make sure you go through your policy as carefully as you map out your road trips! Take a good look at the coverage, limits, deductibles and rates, are you paying more than you thought for coverage you don’t need or want? Has anything changed on your policy? If you have questions or need clarification you can always call your provider’s customer service.

2. Decide what kind of coverage you need

Every rider is different, you may be an experienced rider who rides with a partner on a cruiser bike, or you ride solo, maybe you are a newbie and just got your first bike. The age of the rider is also something to consider, the more years you have spent in the saddle, the cheaper your rates. You should have a good idea of what coverage you need before you start to comparison shop. Here are some of the most common options available. 

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Passenger liability
  • Property damage
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Medical Payments

3. Start shopping

The quickest way to get quotes is online with a web based search engine. Use search words like:

  • Cheap Motorcycle Insurance 
  • Best Motorcycle Insurance
  • Motorcycle coverage

Your search should populate a list of several Motorcycle Insurance companies. Make sure you get at least three different quotes to compare. Most websites will give you a quote in minutes

4. Do a side-by-side comparison

A side-by-side comparison will help you get a good look at the rates, coverage, and affordability of each of the policies.

Based on details from an actual Quote: 37-Year-Old Rider from Indiana, Harley Davidson Fat Boy Twin Softail Cruiser.

The benefit of comparing at least three quotes with your current policy is that you get an up-close and personal look at what you are paying, what you could be paying, and how much you will be saving $$$ which makes choosing and switching your motorcycle insurance so much easier. 

5. Choose your new motorcycle insurance

Now it’s time to make a decision! You have all the information you need to choose the rates, coverage, and policy that works for you. Of course, we hope that you chose VOOM Pay-Per-Mile, but no hard feelings if you didn’t. Motorcycle insurance is no longer one-size-fits-all, and hopefully, you found the perfect fit.

6. Choose your new motorcycle insurance

There are a few things you will need to do before you ride off into the sunset

  • Call your Current motorcycle insurance provider
  • Tell them you are canceling your policy
  • Tell them when you want your policy to end.
  • Provide any information that they request.

Once your current motorcycle insurance is canceled and your new policy is in effect you are good to go! 

Here is a quick summary of this article

  • Have a copy of your insurance with you to see what your current rates are.
  • Decide what kind of coverage you want/need
  • Do a web-based search for Motorcycle Insurance 
  • Make sure to get at least three quotes when you begin to comparison shop. 
  • Compare them side by side
  • Choose the plan that works for you 
  • Call and cancel your current motorcycle insurance.

Hopefully, we have given you the information you need to answer the question “Is it time to switch motorcycle insurance?” in short, Absolutely! Now, what else is there to do but to get out there and enjoy the ride! nothing feels better than the open road, nothing except saving on motorcycle insurance. 

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