Must-Have Motorcycle Apps For 2022

Here are the top 5 motorcycle apps of 2022.

Must-Have Motorcycle Apps For 2022

Written by

Kellie Herber

Published on

September 22, 2021

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With a new year comes new and improved motorcycle apps and this year the sky is the limit! Apps that not only focus on GPS, weather, and route planning but are more community-focused allow you to share your rides and personal input. Another app that is trending is dedicated motorcycle maintenance and repair apps that store information and send you reminders when maintenance is due. This means saying goodbye to worn-out notebooks and searching for a pen to jot down information on the road and say hello to the ever changing world of modern technology.


This is a map and shares your ride App! Easy to use navigation and GPS system that generates unique routes for epic new adventures. This app includes turn by turn voice navigation, weather forecast, and nearby amenities. You can use Calimoto to help plan your next road trip, share your rides, and view your riding statistics.

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Motorbike Repairs 

The perfect App to help you not only save money by doing your own basic repairs but will also keep you and your motorcycle riding safely. Motorbike repairs is a collection of YouTube videos that cover all types of repairs, from basic to more advanced, you can learn how to fix minor repairs or how to do basic maintenance. Videos are organized into 10 categories, and you can watch them all in the app.

Moto Log

Keep track of all the maintenance done to your bike by logging it with the type, odometer reading, and cost. This app works well for keeping on top of oil changes because you can set future reminders and eliminate the guessing game So whether you are putting in a new battery or adjusting the brakes, you will have all the information ready and available at the touch of a screen.

Website | Google Play


This app is great for the everyday motorcycle rider by helping you make the most of your time by catering to your journeys. Riser will let you tag locations you were at and will give you tips and offer suggestions while you are planning your route. Share your rides with the large online community and add your input on destinations.

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While not a dedicated “motorcycle app” Roadtrippers is a great app that provides turn-by-turn navigation and over 25 million planned trips available. So, you can choose one of the premade trips and visit a quirky roadside attraction or plot your own route with up to seven waypoints. You can also collaborate with friends and family by creating custom maps for your next family vacation or motorcycle group ride.

I am sure we will see exciting newer apps in the coming year, especially as new motorcycles roll off the assembly lines into a showroom near you. Speaking of new and exciting, why not check out VOOM Pay-Per-Mile motorcycle insurance and see how much you could be saving on insurance this year?

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