Types of Motorcycle Insurance Coverages

In the world of motorcycle insurance, terms and definitions can be confusing.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance Coverages

Written by

Kellie Herber

Published on

September 22, 2021

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Trying to navigate rates, policies and coverage can feel like you are climbing Everest. So, to help you out we are going to look at some basic terminology often used in the motorcycle insurance industry describing different types of coverage.

Comprehensive and Collision coverage

Collision coverage pays for the replacement or cost of repairs on your motorcycle in case you are in an accident. Comprehensive may also cover the cost of repairing or replacing your bike if it gets stolen, vandalized, or is involved in a fire. Keep in mind that different finance companies have different deductible requirements when you purchase a new bike.


The amount you are subject to pay in the event of a claim

Bodily injury liability

This will pay for injuries to others in the event you are found to be at fault in an accident. Pay attention to the per person and per accident limits as you always want to have enough coverage.

Guest Passenger Liability

This is often a separate type of coverage, or it can also be covered under “Bodily Injury Liability” be sure to check your policy or ask, especially if you normally carry a passenger.

Property Damage Liability

This will cover damage to another person’s vehicle or property in an at-fault accident.

Medical Payments

This coverage will pay you if you're injured in a motorcycle accident whether you are at fault or not up to a limited amount. It is important that you check your policy or ask when you are purchasing motorcycle insurance, what the limit (dollar amount) is, and if you will need to reimburse for “collateral sources” like health insurance or if you’re paid by the at-fault party insurance.

Uninsured or Underinsured Bodily Injury/Property Damage

In the unfortunate event that an uninsured or underinsured driver hits you, this will provide coverage for injuries to you and your passenger and/or repair or replacement up to the predetermined amount for your bike. 

Additional Coverage:

Having a custom-built motorcycle can be costly, so be sure to purchase additional coverage, most insurance companies only cover the cost of “stock” bikes.

Roadside Assistance/Trip Interruption:

Trust me you will need this! Check your insurance policy to see if it covers roadside assistance, towing, and the cost of a hotel when the bike breaks down. Most seasoned bikers will tell you that roadside assistance can be a godsend.

I hope this list was helpful in finding the best motorcycle insurance and coverage for you and your bike. Keep in mind it is illegal in most states to not carry motorcycle insurance so if you need motorcycle insurance you may as well find the cheapest most flexible insurance available.

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