How to Get a Motorcycle License

Here is VOOM's step by step guide in getting a motorcycle license

How to Get a Motorcycle License

Written by

Kellie Herber

Published on

September 22, 2021

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Obtaining a motorcycle license varies from state to state, so be sure to check your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) for rules and regulations. Here is a list that most states will require as a general rule of thumb, however, double-check with your local DMV. For the purpose of this blog, we will focus on obtaining a license in the State of Indiana.

Motorcycle Permit

You will need to apply for a motorcycle permit if you do not have one already. To apply for a permit you must,

  1. Provide your valid operator vehicle license.
  2. Proof of identity.
  3. Pass both a vision test and a written knowledge test.
  4. Pay a fee

Permits are valid for a year and have certain restrictions, the State of Indiana for instance, requires you to

  • Wear a helmet.
  • Ride only during daylight hours
  • No passengers.

The purpose of the permit is to learn how to safely operate a motorcycle, get experience riding and prepare for the skills test or to take a Motorcycle Safety Course.

Motorcycle License

When you are ready to get your License, you have two options in the State of Indiana. If you have taken a Motorcycle Safety Course and passed you can present your certificate of completion to waive the skills exam and earn your endorsement.


Take a motorcycle skills test (bring your permit, registration, and insurance on the motorcycle you will be testing on and pay). Once you pass the skills test you can apply for your motorcycle endorsement/license, pass a vision test and pay the fees associated. In most states, your motorcycle license is valid for the same amount of time as your driver’s license.

Motorcycle Safety course

I cannot stress enough the importance of taking a state-approved Motorcycle Safety course. These courses teach new and experienced riders how to handle their bike on the road with safety, confidence, and skill. You will learn about different types of motorcycles, motorcycle controls, operating a motorcycle, and road safety. This course is invaluable whether it is state-mandated or not! Check out Motorcycle Safety Foundation for a course near you.

While you are it, check out the DMV Motorcycle Safety Information website.

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Ok Billy, get out there, take that Motorcycle Safety Course, and “Head out on that Highway”. Be wild and ride safely!

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