How Does Pay-Per-Mile Motorcycle Insurance Work?

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How Does Pay-Per-Mile Motorcycle Insurance Work?

Written by

Ron Khirman

Published on

August 11, 2021

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So How does Pay-Per-Mile work?

Pay-Per-Mile was created with you, the motorcyclist in mind, whether you ride 100 miles or 1000 miles a month, you will only pay for the actual miles you drove, just pennies a mile and a low monthly rate!  Yes, I said pennies a mile, not an estimated amount but the actual miles that you rode, imagine that.

How will I track those miles?

This is the easy part; after your policy starts, you will receive a text with a link that will allow you to share a snapshot of your odometer. Then you will need to send a picture monthly from that point on. Don’t worry; they will send a reminder when it’s time to snap that photo, and who doesn’t love taking pictures? Especially pictures of your bike. See, Easy Peasy!

When will I pay for the miles charged?

At the end of every month the credit card you provided VOOM with when you signed up, will be automatically charged based on the odometer reading that you send in, so if you only drove 50 miles because your bike was in the shop, or maybe the weather just didn’t cooperate, all you will pay for is the 50 miles and your low monthly rate. Even if you decided that this was the year you would get your Iron Butt Ride Gold ranking, which is 1500 miles in 36 hours, all you will pay is the miles you rode bringing home the gold. You will also receive a monthly email with your billing statement for your records.

What is covered under this policy?

Having the right coverage is as important as choosing the right bike, best gear, and perfect road trip. Pay-Per-Mile motorcycle insurance through VOOM, lets you choose from three different policies.

Riders Essentials

The standard coverages are needed for your everyday ride, with liability coverage for bodily injury, 3rd party property, and uninsured motorist coverage.


Essential motorcycle protection with higher liability coverages. Collision and comprehensive coverage as well as medical expenses.


This premium package includes higher liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and medical expenses. This package also includes emergency roadside assistance services. Imagine that! Saving money and having peace of mind!

With these great options to choose from you can find out what works best for you, and even customize your policy, by speaking with Voom’s motorcycle insurance specialists who are available to answer any questions you may have.

Taking VOOM nationwide

VOOM is already available in these states, Indiana, Arizona, Ohio, and Illinois, with more being added down the road. Here are some popular bike rides from each one of those states, with mileage included, of course.

Indiana-West Baden Springs, Bedford Loop 59 miles

Arizona-US Route 191, Sierra Vista to Alpine AZ, 263 miles

Ohio- Dragon Trail, state route 78, 20 miles

Illinois – Scales Mound, 32.9 miles

Time to ride

So, let’s say that you spoke with one of the motorcycle insurance specialists and you chose your policy, send a picture of your odometer via the link they sent to you, and now you are ready to head out on the highway.

You and maybe a partner or your riding buddies had a fantastic month of riding! You took the Bike out every Sunday and toured some of your favorite vineyards; maybe you took a scenic drive around Lake Michigan or did some off-roading in Apache Junction in Arizona. Because you switched to Pay-Per-Mile motorcycle insurance, you find yourself with extra cash in your wallet. So, you treated yourself to a bottle of wine, then stopped for lunch and bought a tacky souvenir for your cousin Eddie.

At the end of the month, you get your monthly reminder from VOOM that you need to snap a picture of your motorcycle odometer, you send it, and your card is automatically billed for the low monthly fee and the mileage. You follow up by going over the invoice that was emailed to you, and then you bask in the knowledge that you saved some money, made Cousin Eddie happy, and started planning your next bike ride adventure.

It's as easy as

  • Snap-send us your photo
  • Save-Pay only for the miles you ride plus a base rate and no surprises
  • Ride-Enjoy some extra money in your pocket and know we are there for you if you need us.

Without a doubt, Pay-Per-Mile is the best motorcycle insurance available for motorcyclists. So why spend the rest of riding season trying to figure out policies and prices and paying way more than you need to when you can pick up the phone, check out the website, and sign up today.

As for me, I'll see you out on the open road, throttle open, sun in my face, wind in my hair, and not a care in the world.

The Freedom to Ride has been brought to you by VOOM Pay-Per-Mile Insurance.

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