How Brad Saved 53% on his Motorcycle Insurance

Meet Brad. He saved on his bike insurance. So should you.

How Brad Saved 53% on his Motorcycle Insurance

Written by

Kellie Herber

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Meet Brad:

Brad is your classic: 

  • 34 years old man from Ohio 
  • Who’s got a wife and a new baby boy 
  • And owns a microbrewery in Cleveland

He’s got two babies in fact, his newborn Adam and his 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra with an upgraded stereo, custom seat, and throaty exhaust. 

Midwestern weather makes for a short riding season, and with Adam, Brad has to take advantage of weekends and vacations. Since Brad isn't able to put as many miles on his bike as he would like, he has to make the miles he does ride count. 

With now an average of 2,000 miles a year, Brad wants and deserves affordable, cheap motorcycle insurance. Coverage was once a one-size-fits-all, pay the expensive annual premium, no matter how much you ride, and take what you could get. So, one day Brad decided to shop around and discovered VOOM's Pay Per Mile Motorcycle Insurance.

Pay when you ride, don't pay when you don't

Brad decided to get a quote and do some comparison shopping with two other insurance competitors Dairyland, and Progressive, his current motorcycle insurance provider. Brad went to the VOOM website, and in a simple digital process, quickly received a quote in 5 minutes. 

a sample image of how our policy pricing looks like
Only $2 dollars per month? Yes way

Feeling optimistic, Brad first looked at Dairyland only to discover their policy was 35% more than VOOM. When Brad checked out Progressive, he was surprised to find out that he was paying 53% more for motorcycle insurance than he realized.


Brad took all three quotes and compared them side to side, paying close attention to the typical miles he would put on the bike each year, roughly 2,000, and to the coverage he wanted. 

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Passenger liability
  • Property damage
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Medical Payments
Chart explaining how people can save money with VOOM insurance

Brad saw the savings and immediately knew he had found the best motorcycle insurance with VOOM Pay-Per-Mile.

But before picking his policy, he wanted to do some last-minute research on how pay per mile will affect his savings. 

chart explaining price points
No matter how much you ride, you save

Brad was excited about the savings, and it was made clear that even if he would ride up to 3 or 4,000 miles he would still have significant savings because of Pay-Per-mile’s flexibility.

Low mileage riders save with VOOM

So how did Brad save with VOOM? VOOM Pay-Per-Mile motorcycle insurance means you will only pay for the actual miles you ride and a low monthly rate! Then you track your miles by taking a snapshot of your odometer after your policy starts and upload it to a link provided by VOOM. The credit card you provided when you sign up will be automatically charged at the end of every month based on the odometer reading that you send in.  At the end of the month, you will receive a monthly email with your billing statement for your records.

Brad knew he had found the best motorcycle insurance with VOOM Pay-Per-Mile. He decided to go with the VOOM Extended plan for $26 a month/.12 mile; he would only be paying $553.56 for a year of riding at roughly 2000 miles.


Brad and his wife wasted no time at all putting miles on his bike, after taking a picture of the odometer, they headed out on one of the many adventures awaiting them.

Thanks to VOOM Pay-Per-Mile motorcycle insurance, Brad has insurance that works for him and is also saving a lot of money.  Maybe it’s time for you to get a quote and find how much you could be saving by switching to VOOM.

*Based on comparison research made by VOOM Insurance Specialist on August 2021 based on the following Motorcyclist specs: Rider’s age: 34, Ohio residence, Motorcycle Model: HARLEY-DAVIDSON FLHTCU UC 2010 Engine cc: 1584, Annual Mileage cap: 5,250.

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