Driver Tech Research: Dash Cams Increase Driver Safety

VOOM insurance is proud to collaborate with the AI driving copilot app to enhance rideshare drivers safety. This partnership also introduces a special offer exclusively for VOOM insured drivers. Discover the benefits of using a dashcam, as highlighted in a recently published report by the dashcam provider.

Driver Tech Research: Dash Cams Increase Driver Safety

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The Driver Technologies, an AI driving copilot app, recently published a new report on the safety benefits for drivers, who are using a dash cam while driving.  While our mission in VOOM Insurance is to provide the most affordable Rideshare Insurance, and to enhance the safety of our riders. We decided to share with you the main insights from their recent safety report.

Driver Technologies study analyzed driving patterns from over 17,000 participants who used the dash cam combined with the Driver app. Remarkable improvements were observed, including:

  • An 11-fold decrease in the likelihood of speeding.
  • A 4-fold reduction in the tendency to run stop signs.
  • A 3-fold decrease in tailgating incidents.
  • A significant reduction in hard braking instances.

The study not only emphasizes the practical benefits of such technology in everyday driving but also aligns with broader road safety goals by potentially reducing the instances of distracted driving-related accidents, a concern highlighted by the Kiefer Foundation's studies.

"More than 3,000,000 vehicle accidents in the U.S. involve phone use every year, and our mission is to take the phone out of driver's hands and instead put it to a better purpose - providing the technology to make them safer drivers," said Rashid Galadanci, CEO and co-founder of Driver Technologies. "We're excited to share new data that shows our technology, which includes how telematics and computer vision help coach drivers around the country to implement safe driving behavior to help reduce accidents and improve overall road safety for drivers and their passengers."

While the Driver’s dash cams enhance the safety of the drivers, VOOM Insurance offers their drivers, who are VOOM’s policy owners, an exclusive benefit - an upgrade to the Drivers’ premium tier at no cost! In addition, in a case of a claim, while sharing the footage of the accident, you’ll be entitled for a lower deductible. Find if you are eligible for the benefit and if you are not a VOOM’s policy owner, check your savings by getting a quote with VOOM.

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