4 reasons why you shouldn’t cancel, but switch your motorcycle insurance policy

Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn't cancel your policy during the winter

4 reasons why you shouldn’t cancel, but switch your motorcycle insurance policy

Written by

Kellie Herber

Published on

September 22, 2021

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Have you ever canceled your motorcycle insurance over the winter months? Jackson, who lives in Chicago, was contemplating doing the same thing. Jackson is 35 years old, owns a 2017 Harley Davidson Heritage Softtail Classic, is raising a family, and now rides an average of 1,500 miles a year. His premium insurance policy, which includes comprehensive (theft, weather) and collision cost him roughly $1,000 per year.

Jackson told me that his motorcycle insurance was pricey, and he wondered if canceling his policy off-season was a good idea? Generally, the answer is a resounding NO, and here are the reasons why.

1. Expect the unexpected

Face it, it might not be a wise idea to cancel insurance on a bike you own and plan to ride when warmer weather comes around. What happens if your motorcycle gets stolen or vandalized while parked? What if you wish to go for a short ride on one of the sunnier weekends?

2. Leaving gaps will hurt your future insurance

Leaving gaps in your insurance history could result in higher monthly premiums, down payments and limit the number of companies you can insure with when you're ready to start riding again.

3. No need for unnecessary paperwork

Canceling an insurance policy may result in some unnecessary paperwork and hassle, especially when you plan to start it up again in a few months.

4. You must have motorcycle insurance to ride

Fun fact, you must carry a motorcycle liability policy to legally operate your bike in most states. 

Jackson realized that it wouldn’t be a good idea to cancel his policy over the winter. Yes, his policy was expensive, but was it worth the “what if”, termination fees, gaps, and extra cost? Of course not, but what other options are available? 

Perhaps the answer is not canceling his policy, just switching to another insurance provider. If there was insurance available that was affordable, flexible, and only charged for the miles ridden, with a small monthly fee, there would be no reason to cancel during the unrideable cold Midwest winters. 

The answer was VOOM Pay Per Mile motorcycle insurance

Jackson's potential quote

Jackson decided to switch to VOOM Pay-Per-Mile Motorcycle Insurance. Doing the math, if Jackson picks the popular policy, which gives him the exact coverage he would get from his current insurer, he would save 19% from $1,000.

Not only would he be saving money on his policy, but he would also have no reason to cancel his insurance. Jackson would only ever pay for the miles he rode, so when he stored his motorcycle until spring rolled around, he only pays a low monthly fee. 

If you are thinking about canceling your current policy for a few months, think again and get your VOOM Pay Per Mile quote today!

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