Community Spotlight: Meet 'The Ornery One'

Who is the ‘Ornery One’?

Community Spotlight: Meet 'The Ornery One'

Written by

Ron Khirman

Published on

August 11, 2021

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The Ornery One is a non-profit organization run by TJ and Stephanie Thompson. You may know them on Instagram, and who wouldn’t want to follow them?

TJ and Stephanie are not shy to showcase their all-American lifestyle, ride cross country, promote events, and be leaders in the motorcycle community. 

What we love about them is not their bikes, or TJ’s killer beard, but rather the story that made them an influential part of the community. 

In November of 2013, Stephanie was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor. Stephanie doesn’t take crap from anybody and through the rough patches in life, they found a bigger outlook in life. When Stephanie beat the tumor, they decided to embark on their mutual dream of traveling the country on two wheels, all while helping others in need. Their motorcycle journeys have allowed them the ability to cultivate and expand their own motorcycle community.

Being so closely involved in the biker community and feeling the need to unite individual bikers

into one big family, they decided to establish and continually promote a “Pay It Forward” campaign to promote bikers helping fellow bikers in need. They have led multiple campaigns helping riders in need. 

Why do they love VOOM? 

TJ and Stephanie own multiple bikes, a 2019 Road Glide Special for the road and a Twin Cam Road Glide, for which that’s their special baby. The one for the road sees a lot of action. That’s their bike that they take cross country. The baby? It usually sits in their barn and is usually outside for local motorcycle events. 

When they heard about VOOM, the first-ever pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance, they were hooked on this idea. 

As a motorcycle rider & pretty much anything else in life; we try to watch our budget. One of the factors of getting another motorcycle is not only the upkeep but insurance as well. VOOM Insurance makes complete sense to us as we don't ride all of our motorcycles at the same time. We have regular traditional insurance on the one bike that we ride coast to coast with but we only want to Pay Per Mile on the other bike! It is a no-brainer... No hassle... Extremely easy to sign up... plus it saves us money!!!

We love the enuthiasm, TJ. The Ornery One is based in Arkansas, so their time to get a policy will, unfortunately, have to wait. 

No worries though! They registered to our waiting list and will be updated once VOOM is available in their state! You should do this too. 

Want to VOOM before you move? Get a policy here.

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