Bundle and Save? Not Always

Did you know that bundling your insurance policies doesn’t always mean you are going to save money?

Bundle and Save? Not Always

Written by

Kellie Herber

Published on

September 22, 2021

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The convenience of bundling home and auto into one monthly or quarterly payment is tempting, especially when you are offered an added 5-15% discount. However, bundling insurance doesn’t work for everyone.

For instance, it can be significantly cheaper to have individual insurance policies from a provider who specializes in coverage for RV’S, Boats, or Motorcycles.

How much cheaper? Well, let’s take a look at how much you could save with VOOM Pay-Per-Mile motorcycle insurance.

Save up to 60%, not up to 15%

Say you average 2,500 miles a year during the riding season and you store your bike during winter. With VOOM you could save up to 60% on your motorcycle insurance as opposed to the 5-15% you would save by bundling your insurance. Pay-Per-Mile motorcycle insurance gives you the freedom to choose your policy and control your insurance costs.

With VOOM you know exactly how much you are paying because you pay only for the miles you ride and a low monthly fee. There are no surprises!

For some motorcyclists, bundling your insurance may be your best bet especially if you ride over 3,000 miles a year, own your own home, and have several vehicles. If you do opt for a bundle deal, make sure you;

  • Comparison shop - not all insurance companies are created equal.
  • Check your policy periodically, especially during renewal time. That's when the price is more likely to increase.
  • When life happens, divorce, job loss, new home, etc., be sure to update your policy.
  • If you snooze you may lose, so keep your eyes open for better rates.
  • Keep track of your credit score, in most states your score can affect your insurance premiums, especially when you bundle your house and auto.

Like everything else, motorcycle insurance is not a one-size-fits-all. Deciding what you need is the first step to making sure you are getting the best rates and cheapest insurance. VOOM Pay-Per-Mile is the perfect fit for a rider who has multiple bikes, averages 3,000 miles a year or less, and rides seasonally. The take away;

Insurance bundling isn’t for everyone.

Get a quote today and find out how much you could be saving by switching to VOOM Pay-Per-Mile motorcycle insurance.


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