5 Motorcycle Trends For 2022

If you are looking for a new bike or you’re modifying your current ride, this is a great time to start shopping

5 Motorcycle Trends For 2022

Written by

Kellie Herber

Published on

September 22, 2021

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If you are looking for a new bike or you’re modifying your current ride, this is a great time to start shopping. From electric motorcycles to stability control, you will find something on this list to get excited about. Here are the top 5 motorcycle trends for 2022.


Not nearly as expensive as when they were first introduced, Electric Motorcycles are becoming more user-friendly and affordable. These bikes are not only green but they have very sleek designs, longer battery life, safety options, great tech, and are being produced by more companies. The E-bike will never replace the traditional motorcycle, but these new green machines will heavily influence the motorcycle industry moving forward.

Retro designed motorcycles

If an E-bike is not your thing then keep your eyes open for a resurgence of retro bikes. These bikes will have the look and feel of the classic motorcycles you grew up with but with updated technology and advanced features that will make the ride even sweeter. As the love of all things “retro” sweeps the nation, the motorcycle industry is jumping on board and bringing motorcycle enthusiasts along for the journey.

Liquid-Cooled Motorcycles

If you have ridden your motorcycle in the summer, you know how much heat your bike can add to an already hot and muggy afternoon ride. A liquid-cooled motorcycle design will help keep your bike cooler and also reduce engine noise. Liquid cooling also uses less fuel per unit of distance and is more environmentally friendly.

Motorcycle Stability

One of the best advancements to motorcycle technology trends is improvements in the MSC (Motorcycle Stability Control) and ABS (Anti-lock braking system). New models being introduced in 2022 will have better stability, which means a safer riding experience. Anyone who has a bike knows how rock in the road, wet pavement, and last-minute braking can mean the difference between an accident and a near-miss. This trend in technology is by far, one of the best advancements we’ve seen.

Signals and Lights

A well-lit motorcycle is a safe motorcycle and with some amazing breakthroughs in lighting technology, like LED lights, this trend is a no-brainer.  LED lights can be adjusted for different driving conditions, levels of brightness and most of these lights can be controlled from your cell phone. Most new models are being made with LED technology, however, there are several options available for your current bike as modifications. In my opinion, money well spent.

As the motorcycle industry continues to expand and more people are looking for more economical forms of transportation, we will continue to see new trends in technology emerge. Trends that not only focus on design but hopefully we can expect to see more advances in safety and efficiency.

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