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10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Motorcycle Riders

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Ron Khirman
July 14, 2021
Marketing Manager

There is nothing more thrilling than going on an adrenaline-filled getaway on your motorcycle. In the age of smartphones, there are several apps that can help make the ride more enjoyable, help you find new routes, and monitor fuel mileage, bike maintenance, and repair. Here is a list of 10 must-have apps for every biker.

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Scenic is one of the best rider navigation and route-finding apps created for motorcyclists. It has a minimal intuitive interface with large fonts making it easy to use while riding to get the information needed. Scenic allows riders to search for the best riding routes that are handpicked by other motorcyclists.

Website | Apple App Store

Eat Sleep Ride (ESR)

ESR is another navigation app that includes additional features for a smoother ride. When you are on the road, ESR can help you see other nearby riders who are using the app and easily get in touch with them. The Crash light feature can detect a crash by using your phone’s accelerometer and send an alert to a pre-selected set of contacts on your phone.

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Waze is the largest community-based GPS navigation app that provides important information on traffic and road conditions. The app updates the route in real-time to help motorcyclists find the most efficient route to reach their destination.

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Rever is another community-based route and ride planner that can help you find new tracks and share your own rides. Motorcyclists can record their rides with key stats like average speed, distance, elevation, time, and more and share it with the community.

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It is a navigation app with offline capability that allows riders to download detailed maps beforehand so that they can easily navigate even when they are without Wi-Fi.

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Dark Sky

It is a unique app that provides the most accurate weather forecasts. It uses crowd-sourced data to provide riders with the latest ground-level reports. This indispensable app is a must for motorcycle riders, especially those who live in areas where the weather is usually unpredictable.

Website | Apple App Store

Motorcycle Weather

This app provides slightly different features compared to any regular weather app. It allows riders to input their preferred riding conditions like temperature and wind speed, and find the best time to ride in the week when the weather is matching their preferences.

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Gas prices may vary slightly in a particular area. But when you are riding almost 1000 miles out, every cent can count. The GasBuddy app not only provides information about the cheapest gas prices in the area but also allows riders to filter gas stations that have decent food or premium gas.

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This app allows you to keep track of your bike’s fuel consumption, maintenance, and costs and provides stats like fuel mileage. It can help you evaluate your average cost per distance, monthly fuel spending, total riding distance, and so on.

Google Play


This is a maintenance helper app where riders can input service information like oil replacement, tire changes and more. The app allows riders to set maintenance reminders, and they can alsostore important bike records like registration, license, insurance papers on the app for easy access.  

The most unexpected things can happen when you are on the road. However, with these apps you can ensure that you have a better riding experience.

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