Save with per-mile
Motorcycle Insurance

Enjoying your motorcycle only once in a while? Why pay when you are not riding?

Our pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance can save you up to 40% off your current rates.
No hardware, no tracking.

How it works?



Once a month, send us a photo of your odometer. That's it.


Pay only for the miles you ride plus base rate. No surprises.


Enjoy some extra money in your pocket, and know we are there for you if you need us.
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On average, our customers save $395/year

You'll pay a low monthly rate, plus a few cents for each mile you ride

$15 +
(100 x 6¢)
= $24
Monthly rate
If you ride
2,000 miles
If you ride
500 miles
If you ride
1,000 miles
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About VOOM

VOOM specializes in creating next-generation insurance solutions for the mobility space using advanced telematics systems and AI. We provide tailor-made coverage that benefits safe and responsible riders.

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