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What is pay per mile motorcycle insurance?

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Kimberly Rotter
November 1, 2021
Content Writer

It's 2021 and our lives changed. Motorcycle riders that are looking to reduce their insurance costs can now use per-mile insurance plan to better fit their needs.

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Pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance is a flexible coverage type in which you only pay for insurance coverage for the miles you actually ride on your motorcycle. This kind of insurance policy is perfect for motorcycle riders who travel short distances or ride only on occasion. 

You might not have heard of pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance coverage because until now, it didn’t exist. VOOM insurance is the first of its kind. 

Motorcycle insurance plans

Both a traditional motorcycle insurance policy and a flexible pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance policy can provide coverage year round. Both types of motorcycle insurance offer the same coverage options (comprehensive, collision, liability, medical payments, uninsured motorist, and various add-ons).

But a traditional policy is very rigid. You’ll pay to insure the motorcycle at the same level all the time, even if it’s sitting in your garage. If you don’t want to pay for coverage when you aren’t using the motorcycle, you would have to either cancel the policy or request a lay-up. A lay-up, if your insurer offers it, is reduced coverage (comprehensive only). Lay-ups are typically used during the colder months when the motorcycle is out of use. On a lay-up, you have no on-the-road coverage. Insurers that do offer lay-ups might limit the number of times you can reduce and reinstate your coverage in a given year.  

A pay-per-mile policy is far more flexible. You can customize your coverage all year round. You only ever have to buy the coverage you need for the amount of use your motorcycle gets in any given month, winter or summer. You’ll pay for the miles you ride, not a high fixed rate every month.

What might that look like? Here are a few examples:

If you live in Illinois, you might store your motorcycle during the cold winter months. If you live in Arizona, you might opt for your air conditioned car on the hottest days. In either case, you can pay less for motorcycle insurance with a year-round pay-per-mile plan, no lay-up needed. 

Pay-per-mile coverage works great for weekend riders, occasional riders, and motorcycle riders who regularly travel short distances.

Motorcycle insurance plan pricing

Some insurers offer ways to lower your costs. For example, you might get a discount for paying for a year up front. Or you may be able to take advantage of seasonal insurance (the lay-up). Other ways to lower prices include completing a motorcycle safety course, maintaining a good driving record, and getting older. 

For seasonal, occasional or short-distance motorcycle riders, the best way to lower costs is to get a quote on pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance. With a policy purchased through VOOM, you’ll pay a monthly base rate. Then, you’ll pay an additional rate for the actual miles you drive. Your base rate depends on factors that are typically considered by insurers, including your driving history, your vehicle, your deductible, your age, etc. You’ll confirm your mileage by sending VOOM photos of your odometer. 

Why buy pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance?

Buy only what you need. No one likes to pay for something they don’t need or use. But that’s exactly what you might be doing if you have traditional motorcycle insurance. A pay-per-mile insurance policy is far more flexible, affordable, and personalized than a traditional policy that you have to pay for whether you ride the motorcycle or not.

Ride with options. A pay-per-mile plan doesn’t leave you less protected. The coverage options and limits on a pay-per-mile plan are just as varied and robust as they are on traditional plans. 

Easy to use. Unlike pay-per-mile auto insurance, you won’t have to install a physical mile-tracking device on your bike or use a potentially complicated app to be a VOOM customer. Just submit a photo of your odometer reading once a month. 

Save up to 60% With Pay Per Mile Motorcycle Insurance
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